Addiction is a serious disease that could worsen if left untreated. Cases of individuals who have died from drug or alcohol addiction because of negligence, ignorance, stigma, and vehement refusal to get treatment, have become rampant. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 160,000 died from drug abuse in 2021. Drug and Alcohol addiction can be treated, and many people have recovered with the proper care and support. However, recovering from this condition is almost impossible to do alone. If you’ve got a severe addiction, you need personalized and strict care and support.

Someone with a history of drug and alcohol abuse will find the withdrawal and detoxification process unpleasant. Therefore, they quit midway or avoid them. Also, most drugs have specific withdrawal symptoms, so personal detoxification and generalized treatment may be ineffective. For example, you may have withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, and hallucinations from long-term Meth use. Opioids, on the other hand, have symptoms like vomiting, high blood pressure, and tremors. Someone detoxing from alcohol may have seizures and delirium. Therefore, detoxifying on your own isn’t recommended.

Having round-the-clock care with a medical team dedicated to your recovery can establish a solid foundation for success and reduce withdrawal symptoms. This is what detox inpatient centers offer. This post will teach you what inpatient detox is, who should undergo the treatment, and the benefits.

What is Inpatient Detox?

Inpatient detox is a treatment administered to patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms or who have substance use disorder. Also known as a residential detoxification, inpatient detox is usually conducted in a hospital or medical center under 24/7 medical supervision. This differs from outpatient programs, where the individual spends only a few hours daily in the treatment facility and goes about their daily activities.

Residential inpatient programs address withdrawal symptoms and the root cause of addiction. This treatment program aims to help patients comfortably manage their withdrawal symptoms. At the same time, they are supported and provided with all the resources required to aid their recovery. Besides medication and medical care, this detox program may provide counseling and therapy sessions to address any underlying issues contributing to the patient’s addiction.

Drug detox in New Jersey is a strict treatment program. Therefore, it’s best for individuals with severe addiction or who experience withdrawal symptoms and complications, such as hallucinations or tremors. It’s also recommended for those who have failed their previous detox attempts, such as outpatient.

Benefits of Inpatient Detox

Inpatient detox has many benefits, making it an ideal treatment program for severe addiction. Some benefits include the following;

24/7 Medical Supervision

Residential inpatient offers round-the-clock medical supervision, essential for individuals experiencing withdrawal symptoms or severe substance use disorder. With inpatients, medical staff are attentive to you. They check your vital signs and symptoms and act accordingly to prevent complications.

Safe and Controlled Environment

Inpatient detox is conducted in a serene and controlled medical facility, where patients focus on their recovery without external distractions. Patients can detoxify from substances without accessing drugs and alcohol; therefore, the chances of relapse are minimal.

Personalized care

This detox program provides individualized care. The patient’s needs, including the medical, emotional, mental, and social aspects of addiction, are taken care of. The treatment plan is tailored to address each patients underlying cause of addiction.

Emotional Support

Residential detox doesn’t focus on the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. It also provides emotional support through medical staff, who help patients overcome addiction and ensure recovery. This support can help individuals learn coping skills to fight triggers and manage cravings.

Structured Routine

Inpatient detox offers a more structured routine, which can help patients develop healthy habits that will foster long-term recovery. Patients administered to inpatient programs enjoy recreational activities and meals at specified times.

Soba New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Rehab Offers Inpatient Detox Treatment

Inpatient detox provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to treating addiction and substance use disorder. If you or know someone struggling with addiction in New Jersey, encourage the person to seek help immediately. And if you don’t know where to get treatment, our New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab is here to assist you.

Soba New Jersey Drug and Alcohol Rehab is a premier drug addiction treatment center in New Jersey that helps patients break the cycle of addiction and regain control over their life. Our inpatient detox center offers holistic addiction treatment options to individuals with substance use disorders. Our programs are tailored for individuals to help them heal and improve their physical and mental health.

While receiving treatment, our programs provide the guidance, skills, and tools required to overcome cravings and triggers and build a foundation devoid of addiction. You can contact us at 888-229-7989 or visit one of our offices at 30 Two Bridges Road, Suite 380, Fairfield, NJ 07004.