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SOBA New Jersey offers addiction treatment services near Secaucus.

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Secaucus Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Addiction Treatment for Secaucus Residents

You can reach SOBA New Jersey by car in less than an hour if you’re seeking a Secaucus drug rehab center. At SOBA New Jersey, we treat a wide range of substance addictions and mental health disorders. We offer comprehensive NJ addiction treatment and dual diagnosis therapy, encompassing evidence-based therapies, compassionate counseling, and personalized care plans.

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Get a Confidential Callback Now

To learn more about our New Jersey drug and alcohol treatment, contact us online or dial (888) 229-7989. We are available 24/7 to assist you. If you would like an immediate callback, fill out the form below.

What Happens During Rehab?

Addiction is a chronic disease. Like other chronic diseases, the goal is to get it into remission. In addiction, this is often known as being in recovery. As is true with chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, many complex factors tend to converge with addiction.

For example, a person’s addiction to drugs or alcohol could stem from a combination of genetic factors and their environment. There’s not one underlying factor that contributes to every person’s substance use disorder experience, so treatment must also be individualized.

At SOBA New Jersey, we recognize the complexity of addiction, its unique effects on every person, and its impact on every part of your life. Addiction is far more than out-of-control drug or alcohol use. There are physical consequences, impacts on relationships and families, career problems, and many other manifestations of untreated addiction. Our programs are holistic, and we strive to help people not only be abstinent from drugs and alcohol but build a life they’re proud of and that’s self-directed rather than being controlled by substances.

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more about our programs while searching for a Secaucus drug rehab center.

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Begin Your Journey

The team at Soba NJ understands that it can be overwhelming to reach out for help. If you are not ready to make a phone call, feel free to text with one of our caring treatment coordinators right now.

The Treatment Process at SOBA NJ

While we aren’t a Secaucus addiction treatment center, we’re close enough in New Brunswick that it can work well. Our clients throughout New Jersey and even the country come to our center.

Our treatment process, first and foremost, is confidential. We respect your privacy. From there, you can contact us any time, 24/7. Our team of experienced treatment specialists will get to know who you are. This will include details of your substance use, but much more than that. This is what’s going to guide the creation of your treatment plan. When we first talk to you, we want to ensure our program fits your needs well. At that time, we can verify your insurance benefits.

Even if we aren’t the best fit for your needs, we’ll work with you to find a program that is.

After that, we’ll have you do a pre-admissions assessment to help guide the specific types of treatment that your program will include. We also review your health insurance benefits to ensure your out-of-pocket costs are as low as possible.

We offer same-hour and same-day admissions at our detoxification program in New Brunswick if you need immediate treatment. Within the first 24 hours of starting your detox, you will have a complete physical exam and a tour of the facility, and you’ll meet with the clinical staff of experts at our center.

From the moment you come to SOBA New Jersey, you will be working on building a solid foundation for long-term recovery. After you complete detox, you’ll engage in counseling and therapy sessions one-on-one and a group setting. You are immersed in everything you need to recover and heal.

Whether you’re seeking Secaucus addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Hear From Our Recovering Clients

“I have been to other treatment centers and was never successful in maintaining sobriety. Thank you so much to Soba for helping me get my life back on track. I look forward to my future!”

I have so much to be grateful for because of SOBA. Megan

"The entire staff of SOBA is there for you...and give you the resources and strength to stay well. They showed me that there's nothing wrong with asking for help and carried me when I didn't have the strength or will to stand on my own.”

SOBA answered my call on the first ring and saved my life. Mike

"Entering recovery was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It was also one of the smartest, and one I wish that I had made 20 years ago. Last week I reached my 10-month clean date. I’d like to express my gratitude.”

I'm forever grateful to you all. Amanda S.

“If you want top-quality care then SOBA is the place to be. The staff from top to bottom are caring, understanding & well educated on addiction. If you want your life back then put your trust in SOBA.”

Because of them, I'm clear-minded & I have the most important thing back in my life, my family. Scott K.

“I want to say thank you to everyone at SOBA. I came to them totally broken. The staff there helped me get my mental health straightened out all while getting me off any and all drugs for the 1st time in 24 years.”

They SAVED MY LIFE. They can save yours. Mike P.

What Levels of Care Do We Offer?

Treatment should be evidence-based, meaning a continuum-of-care approach is often best. Rather than participating in one type of rehab program in a single setting, with a continuum of care, you can move up or down in terms of program intensity as your needs require.

At SOBA NJ, we offer a continuum of care and strive to make it as seamless as possible for our clients.

The levels of care offered include the following:

When you stop using substances, it can be shocking to your brain and body that you have become dependent on their presence to function in your new sense of “normal.” This shock to the system is withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal can be uncomfortable and severe for some people. A medical detox is typically the starting point of a treatment journey.

You’re in a safe environment during New Jersey medical detox with medical supervision and clinical care. This helps reduce the risk of complications. Our clinical team can also provide you with medications and treatments as needed.

Residential rehab is a cornerstone of addiction treatment. You can leave behind distractions, triggers, and the stress of your daily life in a residential environment. There’s structure and scheduling; you can build healthy routines while participating in intensive therapy sessions independently and in a group setting.

If you’re looking for Secaucus drug and alcohol rehab, SOBA NJ is nearby in New Brunswick, and we offer both a short- and long-term program. The long-term program is ideal for someone who’s got a severe addiction, has been using drugs or alcohol for a long time, or has a co-occurring psychiatric disorder. Long-term residential rehab is also a good choice if someone has gone through other programs and experienced a relapse.

Our outpatient programs are available at varying intensity levels. These include:

  • Partial hospitalization is the most intensive of our outpatient options.
  • Intensive outpatient programs.
  • Traditional outpatient programs.

Outpatient treatment allows you to become accountable for your recovery and gradually re-enter daily life while staying connected to the center and your support team.

If you’re in the process of comparing centers offering substance abuse treatment in Secaucus, contact SOBA NJ. We’re passionate about helping people reclaim their lives from addiction.

We Work Hard to Make Going to Rehab Affordable

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The Help You Need Is a Phone Call Away...

We Provide You With Free HelpNo Matter What.

Your recovery starts with a phone call. Reach out to us today to speak to one of our admissions coordinators. Whether you are seeking help yourself, or you are concerned about a loved one, we are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. We will help you find the best treatment options that fit your personal needs, whether that’s our program or another. The number one priority at our addiction treatment center in NJ is making sure you find treatment that works for you.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at SOBA NJ

Something that sets us apart at our center compared to other Secaucus drug and alcohol rehab options is that we have dual diagnosis programs.

When a person has a substance use disorder, it’s commonly accompanied by at least one other mental health condition like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.

It makes treating addiction more challenging if the mental health disorder isn’t addressed effectively. Addiction and mental health disorders often co-occur for different reasons. These include their similar effects on the brain and that people with mental health disorders may rely on drugs and alcohol to cope or self-medicate.

With dual diagnosis treatment, the likelihood of relapse is lower, and overall outcomes are better.

Our facility, while not a Secaucus drug rehab center, is less than an hour’s drive away. We offer a luxurious, comfortable, and well-appointed setting for healing and wellness. Contact us at any time to learn more about our programs.