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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Compassionate, Addiction Treatment Professionals at Soba NJ

Our Addiction Professionals

More so than the content of our program or the comfort of our living facilities, our team is what sets us apart from other treatment centers. Our experienced team of therapists, case managers and support staff create an environment of healing and growth. We work as a unit to provide extraordinary treatment and care, while utilizing an array of methods and approaches. Each member of our team plays a vital role in shaping the client’s experience—from individual therapy to group adventures, it’s all hands on deck.

Our team works together to address and treat every aspect of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Each client at SOBA New Jersey gets a comprehensive treatment plan that caters to their individual needs and goals. Plus, our multidisciplinary team provides ample guidance and support throughout every phase of treatment.

Our Medical & Clinical Team​

Medical Director
Director of Nursing
Director of Nursing Designee
Operations Manager
Operations Supervisor
Clinical Coordinator
Primary Therapist
Primary Therapist
Primary Therapist
Primary Therapist
Inpatient Clinician
Inpatient Clinician
Inpatient Clinician
Inpatient Clinician
Client Care Coordinator

Our Medical Director is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) and American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM). Each member of our medical staff is certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in Addiction Medicine as well as their primary specialties. Our medical and psychiatric staff works closely with each client’s primary therapist to assess his or her individual physical and mental health needs. Additionally, our psychiatrist conducts regular check-ups and evaluations throughout treatment. We use FDA-approved medications to treat our clients’ mental health and substance use disorders. Medication management is an ongoing process and is available to clients on a recurring and as-needed basis. Our medication management and psycho-social treatments are all evidence based. They play an integral role in treatment when combined with individual therapy, 12-Step recovery facilitation, relapse prevention, group counseling, and other support services.

Our experienced therapists specialize in cognitive care, helping clients work through issues that affect their mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, our accomplished therapy professionals offer effective treatment while working to cultivate trusting relationships with clients. Each client gets a personal and individualized care plan. These care plans consist of a combination of treatment techniques, including individual sessions with their primary therapist, group counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, meditation, art therapy, medication management, and more.

SOBA New Jersey’s Case Managers are experts in the “leg work” of recovery. They assist patients with home, legal, financial, and educational components of life. As well as 12-Step immersion and other foundational aspects of a life in recovery. Our Case Managers help guide clients toward healthy behaviors and assist them in taking the steps necessary to lead a happy and productive life.

Our Support Staff

Our compassionate Support Staff consists of our client liaisons, staff supervisors, and operations management staff. They are Peer Support Specialists and Recovery Coaches trained in cultural competency, mental health first aid, and are NARCAN certified. Our support team works constantly to steer clients in the right direction and encouraged to make healthy decisions. The Support Staff provides oversight and support with living a life in recovery.

Some of our support staff are SOBA New Jersey Alumni. These are individuals who successfully completed the program themselves and came back wanting to help others do the same. The members of our support staff offer personal experience, valuable knowledge, and a hand to hold during the trying times of one’s recovery process. The relationships that these individuals cultivate with clients are truly therapeutic, and the guidance and mentorship that they offer is invaluable.

One Team, One Goal

Our Staff is What Sets Soba NJ Apart.

Regardless of the unique role each member of our team plays, we all share the same goal. That goal is to provide effective and compassionate care to each and every client we treat. Our approach to addiction treatment has proven incredibly effective. And, our team is constantly striving to provide an unrivaled level of client care. We work hard to help each client build a solid foundation during treatment. A foundation from which they can propel themselves forward to lead happy, full, productive lives.