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If you or someone you love is struggling with prescription drug misuse, abuse, or addiction, reach out to our team at SOBA New Jersey. We offer comprehensive prescription drug addiction treatment plans in New Jersey in a safe, comfortable, and judgment-free setting. We help people from all walks of life, providing the guidance and tools they need to achieve lasting sobriety.

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What is Prescription Drug Detox?

Recognizing that you’ve become addicted to your medication is the first step toward getting free from prescription drug abuse. The next step is to consult with an addiction specialist to discuss your plan for getting off the drug. Each person is unique, which is why your prescription drug addiction treatment plan should be tailored to your needs. However, most treatment programs involve some form of detoxification or detox.

Detoxing typically causes mild to severe withdrawal symptoms. There are some drugs you shouldn’t stop using cold turkey because there could be serious or even deadly withdrawal symptoms. For example, opioids and benzodiazepines can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. The best way to get through the detox stage is to have supervision by addiction specialists. Detox allows you to safely and gradually reduce the use of a prescription drug to reduce the risk of an unsafe withdrawal.

Prescription Drug Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms that can be reduced or avoided with medical detox include:

  • Anxiety
  • Increased heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle cramps, aches, and pains
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Seizures or tremors
  • Sweating or chills

Some prescription drugs aren’t meant for long-term use, as they can damage your body. This is especially true if you’re taking more of the medication than prescribed. The detox phase usually lasts about one week. From there, you’re encouraged to continue treatment at a residential or outpatient facility, depending on your specific needs and the severity of your substance use disorder.

The sooner you seek help and begin the detox process, the sooner you can restore your physical health and emotional well-being.

Treatments to Help You Gain Sobriety

Quitting prescription medications is a process. There are various treatment phases and resources to assist you in overcoming prescription drug addiction. At SOBA New Jersey, we provide a range of customizable prescription medication abuse treatments in New Jersey for adults who are struggling with all types of prescription drug abuse and addiction.

Three of the most useful methods to gain sobriety from prescription drug addiction are:

  • Residential treatments: In a residential treatment program, you will be provided with a safe, supportive environment that allows you to focus on your recovery without outside distractions. A short-term residential treatment program can feel like your second home while you are recovering. You can relax with our sauna, jacuzzi, and meals prepared by a world-class chef, too.
  • Outpatient treatments: Outpatient treatments can be a great way to help recover from prescription drug addiction while still being able to prioritize work, school, and family life. Outpatient treatments provide access to specialized rehab care, counseling, and other therapy services without committing fully to a residential program. They also provide relapse prevention skills and coping strategies for managing cravings to maintain sobriety.
  • Support groups: Support groups, like Narcotics Anonymous or SMART Recovery, offer support to stay free from prescription drug abuse. There you can have accountability, learn more about recovery, and connect with peers that may understand what you’ve been going through. We can help you find a support group that works best with your situation, personality, and expectations. Also, at SOBA New Jersey, you’ll receive individual counseling, addiction recovery education, and group counseling.

Seek Help for Prescription Drug Abuse Today

Becoming addicted to a prescription drug is nothing to be ashamed of. Regardless of how you’ve become addicted, know that effective treatment is available.

At SOBA New Jersey, we strive to make the recovery process as comfortable as possible for our clients. Not only do we provide a wide range of prescription drug addiction programs and mental health treatments, but we also ensure that you and your family have direct access to some of the top addiction clinicians in the state throughout the recovery process. Our team is here to help, and we will put a plan in place to help you or your loved one maintain sobriety long after leaving our facility.

Give us a call today at (888) 229-7989 or contact us online. Our admissions coordinators are available 24/7 to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Find more information about prescription drug addiction here.

Find Your Recovery

At times, you can feel lost and confused when struggling with addiction or mental health. Our team understands what you are going through and works with you to reclaim the life you deserve.

    I have so much to be grateful for because of SOBA.

    “I have been to other treatment centers and was never successful in maintaining sobriety. Thank you so much to Soba for helping me get my life back on track. I look forward to my future!”

    - Meghan P.
    SOBA answered my call on the first ring and saved my life.

    “The entire staff of SOBA is there for you...and give you the resources and strength to stay well. They showed me that there's nothing wrong with asking for help and carried me when I didn't have the strength or will to stand on my own.”

    - Mike
    I'm forever grateful to you all.

    “Entering recovery was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It was also one of the smartest, and one I wish that I had made 20 years ago. Last week I reached my 10-month clean date. I’d like to express my gratitude.”

    - Amanda S.
    Because of them, I'm clear-minded & I have the most important thing back in my life, my family.

    “If you want top-quality care then SOBA is the place to be. The staff from top to bottom are caring, understanding & well educated on addiction. If you want your life back then put your trust in SOBA.”

    - Scott K.
    They SAVED MY LIFE. They can save yours.

    “I want to say thank you to everyone at SOBA. I came to them totally broken. The staff there helped me get my mental health straightened out all while getting me off any and all drugs for the 1st time in 24 years.”

    - Mike P.

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