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Soba NJ’s Editorial Policy

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The Purpose and Importance of An Editorial Policy

Like any policy, an editorial policy sets forth a standard for all content produced by Soba NJ. By measuring all content, educational materials, and curricula against this standard, we can ensure that all resources are prepared to meet or exceed our high standards for accuracy, relevance, and integrity.

We’re committed to upholding this standard by adhering to three primary objectives when creating all resources: 

The Editorial Process at Soba NJ

Sharing Resources and Topics That Matter

With years of experience behind us and a vision that propels us forward, we are committed to identifying and sharing those topics and ideas that our patients and families need most in the substance abuse and mental health world. Practical, insightful resources that shed light on the complex and empower informed action. 

Resources could include but are not limited to the following themes:

Resources Created By Qualified Contributors

All resources shall be created by or in collaboration with subject matter experts. Everyone from Soba NJ leadership down to individual-level clinicians will strive to provide accurate and objective insights that are based on experience, training, and a deep knowledge of the recovery process.

Only Top Quality Content

The internet is flooded with inaccurate, highly suspect information, some even written by AI technology. Our goal is to ensure we combat the low-quality content epidemic by providing the polar opposite: Resources that are extremely practical, premium quality, accessible, and relatable for patients, families, and providers. 

Editing and Review Cycles

Each resource will be edited for a positive reading experience and medically reviewed by a physician or clinician. This level of committment and attention to detail elevates the confidence that patients and families can have in the quality of what we publish. 

Content Review Cycles

We know firsthand that the scientific, recovery, and medical communities are constantly innovating. In order to stay at or ahead of the cutting edge, we must ensure all resources remain applicable and relevant to our field of expertise. We’re committed to regularly reviewing resources to ensure they’re still helpful and accurate. 

Your Feedback Is Welcome

Creating and curating is only part of the equation. We’re also committed to complying. Any resource that you encounter that you believe doesn’t match any or all of these components of our Editorial Policy, we want to hear from you. Please let us know what you find and how we can resolve your concerns. 

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