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We believe the best possible way to change our communities is through awareness, support, and compassion. We couldn’t do the second two without collaborators like you helping with the first. If you’re a regional, local, or national journalist, a research partner, a media representative, or a fellow treatment provider, we’d love to connect! 

We’re eager to discuss anything related to substance or alcohol abuse, mental health treatment, dual diagnosis disorders, recovery, and sober living. Reach out to our team, and let’s make a positive impact together.  

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White Plains Looks To Divert Opioid Addicts To Treatment Through Amnesty Program

White Plains announces a drug amnesty program and plans to send drug referrals to SOBA New Jersey.
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White Plains police offer a helping hand to addicts

The city announces a new partnership with SOBA New Jersey for treatment and recovery.

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Heroin: Harrison offers help after overdose deaths

Harrison police launched a two-pronged approach to addiction support in partnership with SOBA New Jersey.

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Vantage Commercial helps medical office expand with lease in Voorhees

SOBA New Jersey signs a long-term lease with Vantage Commercial for a 2,000-square-foot space in Voorhees to serve as a newly expanded Outpatient Treatment Center.

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The Different Types Of Drugs (And Why They’re Abused)

A helpful guide to the most devastating substances and how they negatively impact millions of lives.

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Failure to Launch Syndrome: What Is It and What Are the Red Flags?

This publication shares how to identify FTL syndrome and what to do about it, referring readers to SOBA New Jersy for essential support.
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South Brunswick reports positive response to drug addiction program

The South Brunswick Police Department shares the positive results of their new program to combat opiate usage in partnership with SOBA New Jersey.

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6 Recognizable Signs of Heroin Use

Entrepreneurs Break shares a powerfully helpful resource for identifying heroin use, referring to SOBA New Jersey to get the help needed.
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SOBA New Jersey: Trauma-Informed & Medically Managed Rehab

Our residential detox and rehab facility offers medical oversight, medication-assisted treatment, and a comfortably luxurious environment for a promising recovery. Here, patients can rest and recuperate as they focus on creating a brighter, healthier future free of harmful substances. 

Modern Facilities For A Modern Recovery

With modern facilities designed to serve our communities at every level of care, our patients and families can easily access the vital resources and support they need to navigate the treatment and recovery process safely.