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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Toms River

Addiction Treatment Center Helping People in Toms River, NJ

When you’re looking for a Toms River drug rehab center, it likely means that either you’ve realized your substance use is no longer in your control, or you’re trying to help a loved one struggling with addiction. In either scenario, choosing a Toms River drug rehab center is life-changing. You want a center that provides the highest level of care in a comfortable environment that promotes healing.

At SOBA New Jersey, we are just about an hour’s drive from Toms River and offer a full continuum of evidence-based care. We encourage you to learn more about our programs if you need Toms River addiction treatment. We work with clients from throughout New Jersey and the country to help them begin their recovery journey.

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Treating Addiction is a Process

Setting the Standard for Quality Treatment in Toms River

When someone develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it changes their brain. Substances can rewire the brain, affecting neurotransmitters. Substance use can also affect the brain centers related to reward and impulse control.

As well as the impact on the brain, addiction affects mental and physical health in significant ways. It affects quality of life, relationships, careers, finances, and more.

An addiction treatment program has to take all of these things into consideration. Someone with a substance use disorder is more than their addiction. They are multifaceted people who need to reclaim their sense of control over their daily lives and relearn how to live in a healthy, self-directed way.

That’s why treating addiction is a process at SOBA New Jersey. We consider each client’s holistic needs on an individualized level. As a chronic disease, no two addiction treatment plans will be the same. They’re designed to meet specific needs.

When you’re looking for a Toms River addiction treatment program, they’re not all going to understand the complexities that come with unraveling the root causes of addiction. They also don’t offer personalized treatment. We do at SOBA New Jersey. We encourage you to reach out and learn why we’re considered the leader in addiction treatment in New Jersey and nationwide.

Begin Your Journey

The team at Soba NJ understands that it can be overwhelming to reach out for help. If you are not ready to make a phone call, feel free to text with one of our caring treatment coordinators right now.

Treatment Programs at SOBA New Jersey

How We Can Help Toms River Residents

We typically look at the process of addiction treatment as including three phases. Phase one is when we help you as you’re going through detox and physical withdrawal symptoms. During phase two, you’ve completed detox, and you begin your treatment. In phase three, you’re ready to reenter society, and you have the tools required for lifelong addiction recovery.

The availability of a full continuum of care is one of the many reasons to consider SOBA New Jersey if you’re seeking a Toms River drug and alcohol rehab or something nearby.

Our program benefits include: