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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs in New Jersey

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Since 2014, SOBA New Jersey has helped anyone over the age of 18 deal with and overcome substance abuse disorders and mental health difficulties. We haven’t been able to change so many lives for the better just by chance, of course. Our success and the amazing stories of so many of our clients are thanks to the various rehab programs and recovery treatment plans we are able to offer at our luxurious, state-of-the-art facility. When used correctly, our programs can rejuvenate you, so you feel ready to take on the day and life’s challenges once more.

We believe in you. Please trust in us. Call us at (888) 229-7989 today.

Customized Treatment Programs for Each Client

At SOBA New Jersey, as a fully boutique rehab center, we can customize our addiction treatment programs for each client and their specific needs and situation. However, we like to break treatments down into three phases that help encourage a more self-sufficient behavior and a more stable recovery at each step. The phases each coincide with specific levels of clinical care and case management services. Paired with our honesty and transparency at all times, your program will be easy to follow.

The three phases for most recovery programs are:

  1. Getting started: We have a large staff here to welcome you to your program and our facility. Using a genuinely warm, nurturing environment, we make it easier for you to open up, so we can really get to know you during the assessment and assimilation stage. Our staff needs to get an understanding of your overall health, psycho-social needs, expectations, triggers, and more. Meanwhile, you will get to know more about our programs and facility, such as our luxurious sauna and jacuzzi.
  2. Finding autonomy and freedom: At a certain point, maintaining sobriety becomes as much about managing your life as it is about controlling your addiction. In this phase, we focus on helping you become self-sufficient, so you can make your own decisions without worrying that your addiction might have had a hand in them. You should feel separate from your addiction by the time you start the more intensive or frequent therapy sessions and programs here.
  3. Living daily life in recovery: Just because your time at SOBA New Jersey is over doesn’t mean we will forget you. The final phase of recovery is being able to transition out of treatment and rejoining your life outside of it. We can create a plan that helps you maintain sobriety even after you leave. This often depends on diving deeper into specific triggers using clinical therapy and on using your family for help via our Family Support Program.

Please note: If deemed medically necessary by our team, you might be required to complete medical detoxification before beginning the aforementioned three phases of our recovery programs. After detox, you will be medically assessed and cleared to begin your journey.

Recovery Programs We Offer

Drug and alcohol addiction treatments can’t be pre-manufactured and be successful. They have to be designed to work with each individual. With our numerous programs and outstanding staff, we can do just that.

Some of the most popular recovery programs available at SOBA New Jersey are:

  • Alcohol rehab: Alcohol addiction is a disease that afflicts millions of Americans. In our alcohol rehab program, you will see that you are not alone and that you have a way forward to sobriety.
  • Drug rehab: We can create a personalized drug rehab program to help you recover from addiction to a variety of substances, including:
  • Mental health: SOBA New Jersey has mental health professionals who can help you feel more like yourself again through treatments for ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, and so on.
  • Dual diagnosis: A dual diagnosis treatment program is designed to help you simultaneously overcome hardships caused by mental health disorders and substance addiction.
  • Adventure therapy: Adventure can be rewarding in so many ways. Our adventure therapy lets you enjoy safe thrills and exploration that helps you stay dedicated to sobriety.
  • Nutrition and meal plans: Executive Chef Henry Fiorillo cooks five-star meals for detox and residential treatment clients at SOBA New Jersey to create a truly luxurious recovery center.
  • Family support program: Some of the strongest support for you during rehab can come from the family members who have seen you at your highest and lowest points.
  • Graduation and alumni program: You can continue to feel supported by SOBA New Jersey after you complete your rehab program by then joining our graduation and alumni programs.

Our Commitment to You

At SOBA New Jersey, we understand that addiction is a highly personal problem. As such, it is best to approach it with a highly personal solution. Time and again, we have seen just how much better personalized treatments can be for people struggling with addiction. Patients with programs that are tailored to their needs are more likely to be comfortable throughout the treatment, which means that they are that much more likely to stay focused on completing them.

We are so committed to making sure that our patients have access to personalized addiction treatment programs because we believe everyone deserves a chance to enjoy lasting sobriety. If pre-made recovery plans haven’t worked for you or don’t seem appealing at all, then we invite you to learn more about our personalized approach to addiction rehab today.

Which one of our programs is right for you? No need to guess. Call (888) 229-7989 today, and a friendly member of SOBA New Jersey will be happy to discuss our addiction rehab programs with you. All calls and treatments are entirely confidential.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program FAQ

Are drug and alcohol recovery programs at SOBA New Jersey covered by insurance?

Most people who have healthcare insurance also have an appreciable amount of insurance coverage for drug and alcohol programs, as well as mental health treatments. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) that was passed several years ago required insurance providers to create coverage for these treatments that is equal to or better than the coverage that they provide for physical injuries and illnesses.

How long does an alcohol or drug rehab program last?

The length of your recovery program depends on how many treatments and therapies you will need to complete on your path to sobriety. It is common for outpatient programs to last around 30 days. Inpatient programs tend to last longer than a month. Again, though, it can vary noticeably from one person to another. We would be happy to tell you more about what to expect during an initial conversation.

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