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If you or someone you love are struggling with an addiction to heroin, SOBA New Jersey is here to help.

Backed by a team of trained addiction treatment specialists, we offer comprehensive and customizable heroin rehab programs that can help you reach a healthier, happier tomorrow. We’re known throughout New Jersey for creating safe spaces where people are empowered to overcome addictions and substance use disorders in ways that work for them, and we’re ready to help start your recovery.

Contact us online or by phone at (888) 229-7989 to learn more about our New Jersey heroin addiction treatment program, as well as the insurance plans we accept.

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What to Do During a Heroin Overdose

If someone is showing any symptoms of a heroin overdose, then you should seek medical attention immediately. A heroin overdose can be treated with naloxone (sold as an injectable and nasal spray under the brand names NARCAN and KLOXXADO) that must be administered as soon as possible. Make sure when communicating with the 911 dispatcher to inform them of the heroin use so that the paramedics can be properly prepared when they arrive.

Heroin Recovery Plans Customized to You

You deserve to work with recovery specialists who understand that every person has a unique struggle with heroin, and to participate in a recovery program that prioritizes your unique needs.

At SOBA New Jersey, we integrate high-quality clinical care and case management services with the insight and compassion of professionals who truly care about their work and know how to best facilitate each client’s recovery. It’s why our heroin rehab in NJ has been trusted by individuals and families across the region since 2014.

We focus on an array of factors to help clients in their heroin recovery, including:

  • Mental, emotional, and behavioral health
  • Physical health, nutrition, and exercise
  • Social wellbeing
  • Repairing relationships with others
  • Life skills, such as cooking, time management, etc.
  • Stress coping skills
  • Trigger and craving management
  • Relapse avoidance techniques

Our programs allow clients to benefit from a team-based approach, comprehensive treatment services, and a level of personalization that makes a difference.

Our NJ Heroin Detox and Rehab Services

Our heroin rehab services are organized into a three-phase program that can be tailored at every stage to address a client’s specific needs and recovery goals. This multi-phase program tackles issues critical helping patients safely and successfully detox from heroin, find support in ways that work for them, and stay on track while planning and navigating the next steps.

Our heroin addiction treatment programs include:

In addition to customizing care and treatments, we also offer personalized programs, such as our Shalvah Program for Orthodox Jews, our Executive Program for business professionals, and more.

All our residential programs include high-quality housing, nutritional meals provided by world-class chefs, and exceptional onsite amenities – including a sauna and jacuzzi – designed to provide a calm and comforting space. Our clients and their families also have direct access to some of the state’s leading addiction specialists and clinicians.

Why a Heroin Detox Program Is Important

Addiction is a chronic disease with relapse rates similar to other chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease. But when it comes to drugs with as powerful as heroin, relapse rates can be quite high. In fact, some studies estimate that 72% to 88% of people relapse within the first three years of quitting heroin.

While these numbers may seem intimidating, it’s important to know that addiction is treatable, and people do get better. That’s especially true when people battling heroin addictions have access to proven and customizable treatment services that help them manage some of the biggest barriers to success – withdrawal and the initial stages of recovery.

At SOBA New Jersey, we’re proud to offer medical detox as the first step in our heroin rehab program.

Some of the benefits of our heroin detox program:

  • Personalized intake and assessment.
  • 24/7 care and medical monitoring from addiction and medical specialists.
  • Medication-assisted treatment using safe and effective medications.
  • A clean and comfortable environment and nutritional, delicious meals.
  • Professional support and encouragement in a safe, comfortable facility.

Our opiate detox programs may include medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which uses prescription medications to help manage and reduce uncomfortable heroin withdrawal symptoms. Common medications used to treat heroin addiction and withdrawal include Methadone, Suboxone, and Vivitrol.

Research has shown that medication-assisted treatment, when used in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, can provide a whole-person approach to treating substance use disorders, help people safely withdrawal from opiates like heroin, prevent and reduce risks of overdose, and promote sustained recovery.

What to Expect From Heroin Withdrawal

When someone addicted to heroin stops using, withdrawal symptoms kick in. They can appear as quickly as 6 to 12 hours after the last heroin dose. It may feel like a bad case of the flu, with the worst part of it lasting about a week.

Some immediate symptoms you may experience include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Agitation
  • Diarrhea
  • Dilated pupils
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Muscle aches

After the initial withdrawal symptoms pass, post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) may kick in. This includes poor sleep, inability to focus, anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory loss, mood swings, and more. These symptoms last between 18 and 24 months, but as the user remains drug-free with proper addiction treatment services, the symptoms slowly begin to disappear.

How Long Will Detox Take?

The reality is that you have to fully go through detox in order to get free from heroin addiction. Typically, heroin withdrawal symptoms will peak within 3 to 4 days. From there, symptoms will decrease in intensity each day after.

The overall detox time will vary from person to person depending on factors like:

  • How long the drug has been used
  • The amount of drug used
  • The frequency with which the drug is used
  • The person’s overall physical and mental health
  • The individual’s age and weight
  • Available support systems
  • How long the person sticks with treatment

Building the Foundation for Lasting Recovery

Our heroin rehab in New Brunswick, NJ offers treatment programs that provide a level of flexibility and personalization to help people from all walks of life. That includes two primary options: inpatient and outpatient rehab.

Residential treatment is for those who want to stay at the facility for the duration of their treatment, while outpatient treatment takes place at a facility and allows a person to live at home. The time for treatment will vary for each person. Typically, people start with a 28-day stay at a residential treatment center and collaborate with their primary counselor to decide the next steps.

For cases of heroin addiction, where residential rehab is almost always recommended, clients will generally detox, move on to our residential program, and progress to receiving treatment while in Transitional Sober Living or through our other treatment program options. These include:

  • Short-term and Long-term residential programs, which clients can enroll in immediately after detox to enjoy a safe, stable, and medically monitored living environment and begin the recovery journey.
  • Partial care, which involves living outside the rehab facility and attending professional support and treatment five days a week.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment program, which consist of sessions lasting 9 hours each week, typically spread across three or more days.
  • Outpatient treatment program, which consists of fewer than 9 treatment hours per week and as few as 3 hours across a few days of the week.

Our programs offer various therapies, psychoeducation courses, group counseling and 12-step meetings, transportation, and case management services. Our specialists also provide dual diagnosis treatment, adventure therapy, family counseling, mental health treatment, and nutrition and wellness services.

Call to Begin Your Heroin Addiction Treatment Journey: (888) 229-7989

Our goal is to make the heroin detox and recovery process as comfortable and effective as possible, which is why we customize our programs to meet each individual’s unique needs. Our array of science-backed therapeutic treatments are designed to set you up with the skills you need to achieve lasting sobriety and heal from the inside out.

If you’re struggling with heroin addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Getting started with heroin detox and your unique recovery journey is as simple as making a phone call a phone call.

It’s time for you to overcome heroin addiction once and for all and go on to live the kind of life you truly desire. Call us at (888) 229-7989 today.

Find more information about heroin addiction here.

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At times, you can feel lost and confused when struggling with addiction or mental health. Our team understands what you are going through and works with you to reclaim the life you deserve.

    I have so much to be grateful for because of SOBA.

    “I have been to other treatment centers and was never successful in maintaining sobriety. Thank you so much to Soba for helping me get my life back on track. I look forward to my future!”

    - Meghan P.
    SOBA answered my call on the first ring and saved my life.

    “The entire staff of SOBA is there for you...and give you the resources and strength to stay well. They showed me that there's nothing wrong with asking for help and carried me when I didn't have the strength or will to stand on my own.”

    - Mike
    I'm forever grateful to you all.

    “Entering recovery was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It was also one of the smartest, and one I wish that I had made 20 years ago. Last week I reached my 10-month clean date. I’d like to express my gratitude.”

    - Amanda S.
    Because of them, I'm clear-minded & I have the most important thing back in my life, my family.

    “If you want top-quality care then SOBA is the place to be. The staff from top to bottom are caring, understanding & well educated on addiction. If you want your life back then put your trust in SOBA.”

    - Scott K.
    They SAVED MY LIFE. They can save yours.

    “I want to say thank you to everyone at SOBA. I came to them totally broken. The staff there helped me get my mental health straightened out all while getting me off any and all drugs for the 1st time in 24 years.”

    - Mike P.

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