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Cigna Addiction Rehab in New Jersey

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Covered by Cigna Insurance

At SOBA New Jersey, our mission is to help as many people throughout New Jersey as possible in their fights against drug addiction and alcohol addiction. To help reach our goal, we strive to make our rehab treatments as affordable as possible, which is why we are proud to announce that we work directly with Cigna insurance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded most insurance coverages to mental health treatments and substance use disorder treatments. In doing so, many Cigna insurance plans now cover drug and alcohol addiction treatments at our rehab center.

Your Cigna health insurance plan will cover a specific amount of costs based on the details of your individualized plan. We would be happy to review your Cigna coverage with you to figure out how much of our costs will be covered. You might be surprised with how little you have to pay out-of-pocket if anything at all!

Call (888) 229-7989 to learn about Cigna insurance coverage for our rehab treatments.

What is Cigna Health Insurance?

Cigna is technically a health insurance company, but it advertises itself as a “health and wellness life-partner.” According to Cigna, it doesn’t just offer comprehensive health insurance policies, but it also actively works to connect its policyholders with trusted care centers like SOBA New Jersey. The insurer also boasts flexible insurance plans that make it simple for individuals and employers alike to pick a policy that fits their unique needs.

In light of the opioid addiction epidemic, Cigna has partnered with more than 1 million different healthcare providers and rehabilitation centers. SOBA New Jersey is excited to be one such partner. Since forming these partnerships, Cigna has reported that the rate of opioid addiction among its members has dropped by 25%.

Cigna Insurance Programs for Rehab Care

When you come to SOBA New Jersey, during the intake process, we can help review your Cigna insurance coverage. You could have access to numerous different coverages and plans that cover our various addiction treatments and programs.

Useful Cigna coverage programs and services that might help in your situation are:

  • Addiction Treatment Coverage: Cigna offers an insurance policy specifically for drug and alcohol addiction treatments. If you have this coverage, then you could have access to all our treatments at a reduced cost to you. In its mission to stop opiate addiction among its members, Cigna has made addiction treatment coverage available to most of its members.
  • Inpatient Addiction Treatment Coverage: This Cigna policy helps pay for inpatient addiction treatments specifically. People with severe addictions to drugs or alcohol might require inpatient treatments that keep them constantly connected to our professional team of rehab specialists. Inpatient treatments usually last up to 30 days, but a longer stay might be required in some cases.
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment Coverage: If your addiction is not severe or is not causing dangerous symptoms, then an outpatient program that doesn’t require you to live at our facilities might be used. Cigna offers outpatient addiction treatment coverage as well.
  • Health & Wellness Programs: You could use a Health & Wellness Program that provides coverage for chronic condition treatments. Drug addiction and alcohol addiction can be considered chronic diseases because recovery is an ongoing process. As it is often said, there is no “cure” for addiction, only treatments that reduce its symptoms.
  • Mental Health Resources: Through Cigna, you can now get insurance coverage for mental health-related treatments. Addiction is often caused or exacerbated by mental health difficulties. As such, many of our treatment options might be covered partially or fully by this Cigna insurance program.
  • Behavioral Health & Employee Assistance Program (EAP): This insurance program through Cigna is used to give employees access to behavioral health resources, tools, and treatments. If your addiction is related to a behavioral health issue, then this coverage might apply to treatments at SOBA New Jersey.
  • Medical Detox Coverage: At SOBA New Jersey, we have a medical detox clinic that is built around client comfort. Oftentimes, medical detox is the first step required before other addiction treatments can begin. If you have a Cigna Medical Detox Coverage plan as part of your health insurance policy, then it could help pay for detox.

Call to Learn About Cigna Coverage at SOBA New Jersey

SOBA New Jersey is committed to making our professional addiction treatments affordable, which is why we are so excited to work with Cigna as an insurance partner. The cost reductions through coverage can be significant, so let’s explore your options today. Call (888) 229-7989 or contact us online to speak with a friendly member of our team.

Find Your Recovery

At times, you can feel lost and confused when struggling with addiction or mental health. Our team understands what you are going through and works with you to reclaim the life you deserve.

    I have so much to be grateful for because of SOBA.

    “I have been to other treatment centers and was never successful in maintaining sobriety. Thank you so much to Soba for helping me get my life back on track. I look forward to my future!”

    - Meghan P.
    SOBA answered my call on the first ring and saved my life.

    “The entire staff of SOBA is there for you...and give you the resources and strength to stay well. They showed me that there's nothing wrong with asking for help and carried me when I didn't have the strength or will to stand on my own.”

    - Mike
    I'm forever grateful to you all.

    “Entering recovery was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. It was also one of the smartest, and one I wish that I had made 20 years ago. Last week I reached my 10-month clean date. I’d like to express my gratitude.”

    - Amanda S.
    Because of them, I'm clear-minded & I have the most important thing back in my life, my family.

    “If you want top-quality care then SOBA is the place to be. The staff from top to bottom are caring, understanding & well educated on addiction. If you want your life back then put your trust in SOBA.”

    - Scott K.
    They SAVED MY LIFE. They can save yours.

    “I want to say thank you to everyone at SOBA. I came to them totally broken. The staff there helped me get my mental health straightened out all while getting me off any and all drugs for the 1st time in 24 years.”

    - Mike P.

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