Loving and caring for someone with an addiction can feel like a full-time job, leaving little time or energy to take care of yourself. But if you’re in this situation, it’s essential that you make self-care a priority so that you don’t become overwhelmed and burned out trying to help your loved one. Here, we offer some tips and strategies for prioritizing self-care when the person you love is struggling with an addiction.

Remember – It’s Not Personal

Addiction is a complex issue, and many factors influence the onset and development of the disorder. This can make it difficult to understand why someone close to us has chosen to become dependent on drugs or alcohol. It’s important not to take another’s addiction personally; they are dealing with their own struggles and issues that may have little to do with you. Instead, try to be supportive, empathetic, and understand that this person needs love and assistance more than judgment. Above all else, recognize that an addict’s behavior is usually heavily influenced by their substance abuse rather than a personal vendetta against you.

Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Navigating relationships with loved ones who are battling an addiction can be incredibly difficult. It’s important that you work to maintain healthy boundaries and to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself as much as possible throughout the process. Be clear about what is expected from all parties, and don’t forget to give yourself space when needed. Some strategies that can help maintain these boundaries include setting limits on how much time and energy is invested in helping them, attempting to focus conversations toward recovery, and refusing to enable any addictive behaviors. Fostering a strong support network for yourself is also essential, as it provides comfort during particularly challenging times.

Find Joy

When you’re in a relationship with someone battling addiction, it can be incredibly hard to focus on your own joy. But regardless of your loved one’s situation, it is important to prioritize your own mental health. Finding ways to give yourself time and space and moments of joy is essential to taking care of yourself. Whether it’s spending time outdoors, catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, or reading a book; filling moments throughout the day with activities that bring joy is essential for surviving difficult times. This could mean going on solo walks or taking on a project such as cooking or painting – activities that provide an escape in their own right. The goal is simply to stay connected to what brings you peace and fulfillment – keeping an inner balance as much as possible, even when faced with challenging external realities.

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