A study shows that approximately 10% of Americans have suffered from a drug use disorder at some point in their life. While it’s not true of them all, many of these Americans have treated their disorder with the help of a drug rehab center. 

Are you suffering from an addiction? Need help choosing a drug rehab center? Here are seven factors to consider when doing so. 

1. Treatment Types

When it comes to drug rehab, there are all types of treatments available. Some of these include inpatient care, some of these include outpatient care, some of these include a combination of both. 

No one type of care is any better than the others, but there might be one that better suits you. If you have a preference, you need to find a treatment center that accommodates it. 

Most rehab centers list their treatment programs on their website. If you can’t find these programs on a specific website, just give the rehab center a call instead. You should be able to obtain all of the information you’re looking for. 

2. Cost

The simple fact of the matter is that some rehab centers cost more than others. As such, when looking for one that’s suitable for you, you need to look for one that’s in your price range. 

The last thing you want when you get out of rehab is to have to pay back insurmountable bills. That would just add additional stress to your life at a time when you should be trying to keep stress to a minimum. 

Set a budget, create a pool of rehab centers that accommodate that budget, and then make your choice. Don’t put yourself in dire financial straits. 

3. The Staff

When undergoing rehabilitation, the staff with which you’re working can have a seismic effect on your treatment. As such, before choosing a rehab center, you want to get a feel for the staff that will be treating you. 

First off, make sure that the center isn’t understaffed. A good staff-to-patient ratio is about 5:1. If the center has one staff member serving 10 or 15 patients, it’s going to be lacking in its ability to provide treatment. 

In addition to this, you’ll want to inquire about who exactly you’ll be working with. You might even consider asking to speak with these individuals, as having a good relationship with them is key to you getting better. 

It’s also important to make sure that the center has the necessary staff members available. Necessary staff members in drug rehab centers include psychologists, nutritionists, nurses, and physicians. If these individuals aren’t available to you, you’re going to be missing out on truly beneficial resources. 

4. Treatment Duration

You’ll also want to inquire about treatment duration. After all, you might not be able to take a month off of work. Your treatment needs to jibe with the goings-on of the rest of your life. 

Some treatments last as long as 90 days while others last as long as a week. Some require you to stay in a treatment center while others allow you to live out of it.

You need to assess your responsibilities as well as your comfort levels to decide on the duration of treatment that’s right for you. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a situation where you can’t benefit from the full scope of treatment. Your treatment is important, but you still need to hold your life together. 

5. Location

Depending on your circumstances, the location of your drug rehab center will matter as well. Note, though, that when it comes to location, everyone’s needs and preferences are different. 

Some actually prefer to seek treatment in different areas than where they live. Others like to be close to their friends and their family. No one option is the best; it’s all about what makes you, the patient, most comfortable. 

Scope out your options and see what’s available to you. Regardless of the location that you’re considering, there is likely a treatment center that can help you. 

6. Specialization 

Not all rehab centers are equipped to treat all kinds of addictions. Whereas one might specialize in treating heroin addiction only, another might specialize only in cocaine addiction. At the same time, one center might specialize in an array of addictions, from heroin addiction to cocaine addiction to alcoholism and more. 

As such, when choosing your rehab center, you need to make sure that it specializes in your particular type of addiction. Different addictions require different forms of treatment and receiving the wrong treatment could actually do more harm than good. Ask plenty of questions and make sure that’ll be well accommodated. 

7. Insurance

Depending on your circumstances, rehab might be covered by your health insurance. If so, when searching for an appropriate rehabilitation center, you need to look for ones that are in your network. 

Using a rehab center that isn’t in your network will cost you much more money than will choosing one that’s in your network. In fact, the difference could be as much as thousands of dollars. 

When perusing a specific center, make sure to call and ask about insurance options. Finding a center that accepts your insurance could have a seismic positive impact on your bank account, and, therefore, your mental health as well. 

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