Addiction is a growing public challenge in our world today. Many people live with addiction, and the trend doesn’t appear to be subsiding. In 2021, an estimated 46.3 million people aged 12 or older lived with a substance use disorder in the past year. On the bright side, however, several addiction treatment centers offering quality treatment plans have risen. Persons with addiction can fully recover and return to living a happy life. Notwithstanding, choosing the right addiction treatment service tailored to your needs is crucial to achieving a wholesome state of health. In this article, you’ll learn about addiction treatment programs and how to choose treatment centers that fit you perfectly.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs

A big part of choosing the right addiction treatment center is understanding the different treatment programs they offer and their uniqueness. Some of the common treatment programs are:

  • Outpatient Programs

An outpatient addiction treatment program provides an avenue to receive care without being residential within the facility. You can live at home and visit the treatment center when you have appointments with the specialist. Many addiction treatment centers also utilize telehealth to deliver their outpatient program services. Outpatient programs are helpful for people with busy schedules and less severe addiction cases.

  • Inpatient Programs

Inpatient programs are a kind of live-in programs for persons recovering from addiction. Here, the person with addiction lives in the treatment center throughout care. A significant advantage of the inpatient program is the availability of professionals around the clock to prevent withdrawals and complications during treatment. Inpatient programs can also be helpful to prevent relapse, especially for persons who have had a previous experience of relapse.

  • Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment is a lot like an inpatient treatment program. In a residential treatment program, however, patients live within a non-hospital setting and receive care for addiction recovery.

  • Luxury Rehab Facilities

Luxury rehab facilities are also known as upscale rehab treatment centers. It is similar to a residential treatment program but differs in that the residential services are often luxurious. The luxurious services could include a gym, a spa station, gourmet meals, and other recreational facilities.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Treatment Center

Here are some significant things you should consider when choosing the right fit among the many options:

  • Location

This might seem very obvious to you already. Still, the location of the addiction treatment center can be a crucial factor that will influence recovery. You would want to choose a treatment center that allows enough time for self-reflection and away from triggers that may cause relapse. You’d also want a location that is easily accessible if you sign up for an outpatient treatment.

  • Accreditation and Licensing

Before you register to use the service of an addiction treatment center, you want to be sure that the center is registered with the necessary bodies and organizations. This is a certain and quick way to ascertain service quality.

  • Staff Profile

This may seem slightly nosey, but trust me, it’s for the best. It is essential to look up the profiles of the staff members who render the services. You want to ensure the staff members are well-trained and have the prerequisite certifications and licensing necessary to deliver addiction treatment interventions.

  • Amenities

Before you make the decision, you should also consider the facilities available in the prospective treatment centers. You need to be sure that the facility you’re registering with has enough amenities to help your recovery. This is even more important, especially when you’re considering a residential, inpatient, or luxury rehab facility. Some amenities you may want to check if available include yoga, acupuncture, massage services, gyms, equine therapy, art and music therapy, etc.

  • Cost

Another critical factor is the cost of the addiction treatment center you’re considering. You should also check if your insurance company can assist with covering the cost of your treatment at the center.

  • Length of Stay

Duration of care varies across different addiction treatment centers. It is important that you find out the length of stay at the center and check if it fits your plans.

  • Follow-Up

In addiction management, treatment should not stop at your first contact with the facility. You might want to check if the addiction treatment center has a plan for follow-up after discharge. Follow-up can be beneficial for preventing the occurrence of a relapse.

Finding an Addiction Treatment Center in New Jersey

At Soba New Jersey, we provide holistic and individualized addiction treatment services to help individuals recover and live wholesome lives. Our treatment programs include outpatient treatment programs, medical detox services, partial hospitalization, etc. With our team of seasoned addiction specialists, we offer comprehensive interventions that address the whole needs of the individual. If you want to take the next step towards recovery, contact us today to explore our state-of-the-art addiction treatment services.