It wasn’t long ago that addiction recovery programs for college students would not be used in the same sentence. Colleges refused to discuss the issue of drug addiction and alcoholism on their campuses. It did not go with the image of college as an institution of learning. It also didn’t fit the images of places where students have fun, drink a little, and enjoy their young adulthood. However, the image of college is changing. Colleges are increasingly aware a percentage of their population may be substance abusers, or they may be in recovery.

Addiction Recovery Programs for College Students Are Needed

The idea of college recovery programs came from a discussion between medical personnel, counselors, therapists, and addiction specialists. They wanted to be able to treat young adults and not have it interfere with their collegiate studies. College recovery programs are specifically designed for young adults who are looking to go into recovery from alcoholism or drug abuse. These recovery programs allow students to receive support from both the college and either inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.

The most important aspect of addiction recovery programs for college students is the specialized focus on young adults who are in college. Some programs focus on adults in midlife, or adults in their 20s, and their needs. But college programs are different. Because they have experience in academia, they’re a good choice if you have an alcoholic son or a drug-addicted daughter.

Colleges and universities realize it is best to allow students who need drug or alcohol rehabilitation to continue attending classes. They can do this while they are in recovery. There are inpatient drug rehabilitation programs and intensive outpatient drug rehabs in New Jersey programs that will allow them to continue their college coursework. Often, counselors and admissions officers work with alcohol treatment centers and drug rehabilitation programs to ensure a student receives help.

Substance Use and College and the Need for Addiction Recovery Programs for College Students

The majority of the drug use for college students (24 percent) was marijuana use. However, there were students in college who did admit to using other drugs. Thirteen percent of the students said they used hallucinogens, while 12 percent used prescription drugs, such as opioids and amphetamines. Nine percent of college students reported using cocaine, and less than 1 percent used heroin."SAMHSA-study-on-drug-and-alcohol-abuse-with-college-students"

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration researched the number of college students who reported using alcohol or drugs. Currently, there are nearly 10 million students in college for the first time. Of those 10 million, 10 percent tried alcohol for the first time when they entered college. Six percent admitted the first time they tried illegal drugs was in college. Of the students surveyed, 40 percent reported using alcohol. Twenty-six percent of the students said they used illegal drugs.

What if you have an alcoholic son or daughter, or a son or daughter with a drug addiction? Are there addiction recovery programs for college students? There are options available for them if they are attending college. If you need information about college recovery programs, keep reading. We have information that will help your college student stay in a college recovery program while attending classes.

The Stressors on College Students

There are many stressors on college students and some don’t have the skills on how to deal with peer pressure and drugs. Young adults in college face a lot of stressors they may not have had before. Many researchers believe the pressure to drink or use drugs may lead to an increase in stress and drug use. Other factors leading to drug or alcohol use include coursework, no parental supervision, and a decrease in outlets for stress.

In the past, a lot of emphasis on controlling drug use happened in the K-12 school system. Teachers taught their students about the ills of drugs and alcohol. However, once students got to college, most educators felt they had the maturity to stay away from addictive substances. Current research finds, like many adults, college students turn to drugs and alcohol to relieve the stress in their lives.

How Can I Tell if My Young Adult Is Abusing Drugs or Alcohol?

One of the most important distinctions you and your family need to figure out is this. Is your son or daughter abusing drugs and alcohol or does he or she have an addiction? While neither option is good, addiction is far worse. A young adult who is addicted to either drugs or alcohol most likely cannot quit on his or her own."top-5-signs-parents-can-look-for-to-determine-if-their-child-is-an-alcoholic-or-addicted-to-drugs"

His or her body has become dependent on the drug or alcohol. And, quitting on his or her own will cause the young adult’s body to go through withdrawal symptoms. In addition, he or she may need increasing amounts of the drug, so he or she does not get sick. There are several signs parents can look for to determine if their child is an alcoholic or addicted to drugs. Your student may:

  • show little or no interest in finishing coursework for classes
  • their grades may drop because they are not finishing assignments on time or showing up for tests.
  • your young adult is isolating from old friends and family to the point of ignoring them
  • your child is spending time with people you do not know

Many times a parent may suspect their child is using drugs or alcohol. This presents the issue of if they need a drug rehabs New Jersey addiction treatment program specialized for young adults. Your son or daughter’s personality might undergo changes as well. Mood swings, irritability, and depression are common for young adults who are abusing drugs or alcohol. It can be difficult for parents to figure out if their college student is abusing drugs or alcohol. However, if parents strongly suspect it, they should know there are addiction recovery programs for college students' options available. These options will allow their son or daughter to get into recovery without missing classes.

College Drug Rehabs Addiction Treatment Recovery Programs

College recovery programs are unique in their offerings because their focus is different. There are 10 questions every parent should ask about drug rehabs when seeking help. Students can feel supported in an environment designed to keep them on the path to sobriety. These programs also put them on the path toward college graduation. These programs work to prevent alcohol and drug addiction on college campuses. They also give college students in recovery places to interact with other people their own age. Here, they can enjoy college life substance-free and develop new strategies to deal with stressors.

Successful programs include many ways for students to develop life and leadership skills while working on their sobriety. These programs work on the overall health and wellness of young adults. They provide them with activities designed to improve their overall physical and mental health. Programs, where young adults can work on their study skills, are also available. Sober retreats, activities, and social events give young adults a framework of friends who will support their sober living goals. The students plan many of the meetings and activities, and this allows them to gain leadership experience. This is a nice resume boost for any college student.

SOBA New Jersey Drug Rehab for College Students

At SOBA, we have many programs designed to meet the needs of people who struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction. Family members also have a role in the treatment of a young adult who struggles with alcohol or drug abuse. While we have programs we can tailor to the needs of young adults, we also have programs for college students. Our College Recovery Addiction Treatment Center works with young adults in college who need inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation for addiction. The center has a lot of experience working with colleges and universities in New Jersey. The addiction recovery programs for college students makes sure your young adult can continue his or her college career and begin a sober lifestyle."Drug-rehabs-in-NJ-for-college-students"

Young adults and their families receive the professional and experienced team members they deserve for their treatment program. We tailor each of our treatment programs to meet your son or daughter’s specific needs. We can also tailor them to meet the needs of your family. At SOBA, we believe in treating the addiction and underlying issues that relate to it or that mask it. When we highlight your son or daughters? addiction, the chance of staying sober is greater. We help give college students a healthier future and a way to continue to pursue their life goals.